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5 Things you should know before you visit your Chiropractor.

1) Chiropractic is not appropriate for everyone

The first consultation with your chiropractor will include a detailed history-taking to rule out contraindications eg. cancer, osteoporosis, fracture

If you have these conditions you may be referred out to an appropriate practitioner or the techniques used by the chiropractor may be modified.

2) Chiropractors have more than one party trick

Although popping the spine seems to be the only thing social media wants to see, Chiropractors happen to be trained in multiple forms of muscle tension correcting therapies too. Acupuncture, Shockwave therapy, fascial release and more is often prescribed in a chiropractic clinic.

3) Chiropractors are educated in a university

Worldwide standards in Chiropractic education require that practitioners have a minimum of 5 years of university-level education and clinical practice to qualify as a Chiropractor. Spinal manipulation takes many years to perfect and those skills don't come easy.

4) Chiropractors take X-RAYS before their visit

Standard x-rays where no trauma has occurred are slowly being phased out. It is not necessary to get x-rays to receive spinal manipulation. This is only a prerequisite if the doctor is concerned about contraindications or injuries.

5) Chiropractors work with medical doctors

Healthcare providers have an open mind and want what is best for their patients. The world of healthcare has accepted Chiropractic into the mainstream and more and more medical doctors are working with chiropractors.

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