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A multi-disciplinary approach to back pain.

There's another pandemic happening that needs to be addressed, it's right under our noses and costs employers a fortune in lost hours. It is lower back pain. Statistically speaking we're all approaching an event where we're unable to work as a result of pain in the lumbar spine or pelvis. Typically these episodes are short-lived and episodic but a common remark when listening to the thousands of patients I have seen is "well I've had this dull ache or 'awareness' of 'being out' for ages now." Most of us have some sense of a mild dis-ability in the spine, an appreciation that it just doesn't move the way it used to or bend as it should, it aches in the morning or burns during the laptop use. We've become so accustomed to having a poorly functioning spine that the inevitable episode of acute pain that sends you to the physiotherapist, chiropractor, or doctor comes as no surprise. As a chiropractor I too have been on the receiving end of therapy, my back has 'gone out', I've had Chiropractic adjustments, deep tissue massages, acupuncture, and all sorts of therapeutic interventions. The program that has been the most valuable in keeping my episodes of pain at bay (I havent had one in two years) is without a doubt a multi-disciplinary approach. I see my chiropractor regularly to keep the spinal joints (called facet joints) mobile, they tend to get 'locked up' or lose range of motion because of my time spent sitting at a desk, my biokineticist and I worked really hard to create strong and flexible mucles in the lower back (picking up patients and manipulating their spines requires good form and a stable strong back), my lifestyle coach uses live blood analysis to check whether I'm anything from dehydrated to acidic (usually a dietary adjustment and a strong sense of will power with herbs does the trick), I train regularly especially with callistenic style training which uses body weight over equipment. I'm a big fan of Omega 3 oil, vitamin , multiple herbal preparations and a monthly vitamin C drip to top it off. It appears to be paying off because I'm recovering faster than ever and feeling more energised than in my 20's. There is no doubt in my mind that finding experts in their field and using a few of them to cover the bases of movement, diet, relaxation, goal setting and more is necessary to optimise your function in the 2020's. Multi-disciplinary approaches are an essential approach if you want to achieve an optimal state of wellbeing.

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